The Straight Allies
Posted on: November 4th 2014   •    Posted in: Corporate

Havebury adopt a new diversity initiative called ‘The Straight Allies’ programme

To celebrate and mark ‘The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia’ (IDAHO), Havebury has adopted a new initiative called ‘The Straight Allies’ programme.

The programme is the brainchild of Stonewall, the leading Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Charity, which encourages heterosexual employees to show their support for full equality in the workplace for any gay colleagues.

Stonewall says that two out of five people don’t feel able to be open about their sexual orientation at work. So Havebury thought it was about time it helped reverse this figure.

Emma Hall, Equality and Diversity Officer, said: “Straight people have a crucial role to play in creating gay friendly workplaces and by signing up to Straight Allies, employees have the opportunity to show that they support fair treatment for everyone.”

Havebury recognises that people perform better when they can be themselves and it hopes Straight Allies will help strengthen the culture where this can happen. The first person to sign up was Philip Sullivan, Director of Operations, with over 30 other employees following his lead.

IDAHO day itself is celebrated across the world on 17 May. It was this day in 1990 that the World Health Organisation made the decision to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Employees from Havebury Housing Partnership who have signed up to ‘The Straight Allies’ programme.

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