Perry Barn Close, Bury St Edmunds
Posted on: November 6th 2014   •    Posted in: Development, Home Ownership, Tenants

Havebury’s £8 million investment in tenants homes funds refurbishments and improvements

As part of our commitment to keeping our tenants homes in excellent condition, we have spent just under £8 million on investment work.

The cash was spent over a year and the same amount has been earmarked for the homes of other Havebury tenants this financial year.

The money has funded the renewal of kitchens and bathrooms in 415 homes, upgrades to 231 electrical systems, replacement central heating systems to 176 homes, replacement gutters and fascias to 154 homes, external wall insulation to 22 homes and 20 replacement roofs.

In addition, we replaced 119 garage roofs, installed 130 disabled adaptations, fitted over 200 passive ventilation systems to combat condensation and renered or upgraded the lifts and heating systems in all our sheltered housing schemes.

For this financial year, we plan the work on the basis of the age and condition of our tenants properties and advise all of our tenants in advance of the works.

FOr more information on our improvement programme, please call us on 0300 3300 900.

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