Posted on: June 9th 2015   •    Posted in: Community, Tenants

Neighbourhood Vision Day to launch in Mildenhall Estate

Following a recent review of our current estate visits and inspections, we will be replacing our ‘Estate Inspections’ with ‘Neighbourhood Vision Days’.

A Neighbourhood Vision Day will be held annually during the summer months in every single one of our estates as we believe we will achieve the most engagement from the community during this time. The aim of the Neighbourhood Vision Day is to give tenants the opportunity to express concerns and ideas that they have which with the services we provide could improve their estate.

The event that will take place in a different estate every Wednesday from 17th June – 30th September will also run a variety of fun activities including garden games, freebies and a competition to win £50 worth of shopping vouchers.

The first of our exciting Neighbourhood Vision Days will be taking place in the Mildenhall Estate on 17th June 2015 from 3pm – 6pm.

To find out when and where we will be holding our Neighbourhood Vision Days, click here:

If you would like any further information, please contact 0300 3300 900.

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