Bury’s All-Through Trust schools benefit
Posted on: October 16th 2015   •    Posted in: Charity Work, Community

Bury’s All-Through Trust schools benefit from Havebury generosity

Twelve boxes of Lego and five filing cabinets were amongst the unusual donations made by Havebury Housing Partnership to schools from the Bury St Edmunds All-Through Trust this week.

Tollgate Primary School teacher Helen Dowse and Barrow CEVC headteacher Helen Ashe accompanied six year one pupils on a visit to Havebury’s Western Way offices to collect the Lego kits.

Meanwhile, year nine students Rachel Stott and Tegan Owen from County Upper School in Beetons Way picked up five filing cabinets and a large number of folders for their school.

Havebury Health and Safety Facilities Manager Ed Zipfel said that the Lego had been in need of a good home and the filing cabinets and folders had become available as a result of an environmental project at Havebury.

He explained:“The Document Management scheme aims to reduce our level of printing, helping us contribute to a greener environment. As a result of storing less hard copies of documents, a number of our cabinets and folders became surplus to requirements. With County Upper School showing an interest in having more filing equipment around its premises, it made sense for us to donate the cabinets and folders to them.

“We’re delighted that the All-Through Trust schools are able to use this equipment.”

Helen Ashe said: “We are very grateful to Havebury for their generous donations.

The Lego kits complement those the trust has recently been awarded for a joint mathematics project.

The older students will help them with that, as well as benefitting from the other equipment which has kindly been provided.”


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