Nayland Road Haverhill
Posted on: October 30th 2015   •    Posted in: Development

Nayland Road Statement

We are aware that members of the Garage Action Group have very strong feelings about Havebury Housing Partnership's development of four new affordable homes in Nayland Road, Haverhill.

As announced by Housing Minister Brandon Lewis, there is a need for 1 million new homes to be built by 2020 to respond to Britain’s real and ever-growing housing crisis. As a housing associaiton, we have a moral duty to do what we can to help meet this target.

Currently, there are more than 1,500 people on the housing needs register in Suffolk alone. It is within Havebury’s remit to help reduce this number wherever possible, and this includes building new¬†affordable homes¬†where we can.

During the design process of the Nayland Road development, we worked extremely closely with our team of highly experienced architects to ensure that local feedback was taken into account. As a result, our proposal has been given approval to proceed.

We are sorry that these plans have caused upset in the local community, but we firmly believe that the impact on residents will be limited in the long term.

In addition, the benefit to those who are currently in sub-standard accommodation or, indeed homeless, will be immeasurable. Residents and councillors will be kept informed of the progress of this development.

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