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Posted on: March 22nd 2016   •    Posted in: Tenants

Top Tip Tuesday – Behind with your rent?

Top Tip Tuesday. With the announcement that court costs have increased from £250 to £325, our top tip this week is to speak to our Income Team immediately if you are behind with your rent.

Please try and avoid court action by speaking to us as soon as possible if you experiencing any problems with your rent payments. When Havebury applies for possession of your home, if you are not paying your rent, we have to pay a fee to the Court.

This has increased from £250 to £325. We will be passing these costs onto you.

We hope you have enjoyed this Top tip. Looking for further help our Behind with your rent section of the website contains a great deal of information in assisting you with your rent arrears or visit the gov.uk website for further advice.

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