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Posted on: May 11th 2016   •    Posted in: Community, Tenants

Haverhill family enjoy ‘dramatic’ mould improvements after Envirovent installation

A family of five in Haverhill have praised a recent Positive Ventilation Unit installation and seen vast improvement to their home which suffered badly from condensation and mould.

Danielle Thompson, 27, from Haverhill, moved with her partner into their new home in February 2011. After a lengthy two-year project re-decorating the house, the couple started to discover damp and mould problems, which they reported to Havebury.

As well as providing Danielle with information and guidance, Havebury also offered the fitting of a Positive Ventilation Unit – an opportunity that the family had initially declined. But a year later the family changed their mind and the Envirovent Ventilation Unit was installed.

Danielle said: “I was at first a bit dubious about having a vent fitted into the home. But it got to the stage where I could no longer cope with the condensation. I constantly had to clean the windows and pay for paint just so that I could re-decorate the walls.”

She added: “Since the vent has been fitted, it has been so much better. My windows are not running in the morning, the paint isn’t peeling and there are no signs of mould.

Perhaps the most important bonus is that Danielle has also seen a marked improvement in her children’s health.

Danielle said:

“The decision to have the vent installed encouraged me further when Havebury told me that the installation benefits asthmatics, as two of my children suffer from asthma”

Since the vent has been installed, the asthma attacks they both used to suffer from, particularly during evenings, has considerably improved, which is great to see.

Karen Mayhew, Chief Executive at Havebury Housing Partnership, said: “I am delighted that Danielle’s home and family have benefitted so significantly from having the Positive Ventilation Unit fitted.”

“Understanding how big of an issue mould and condensation can be, we are always seeking to offer as much support and advice to our tenants where possible.”

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