Posted on: May 12th 2016   •    Posted in: General News, Tenants

Havebury’s Neighbourhood team takes proactive approach to help tenants

Neighbourhood team update.

Havebury Housing Partnership’s commitment to working with tenants by taking preventative measures, recently came to fruition after a member of its’ Neighbourhood team removed a gas cylinder from the communal area at a block of flats – an area that was needed for an evacuation just a matter of days later due to a fire.

A few days prior to the incident, one of Havebury’s experienced Neighbourhood Rangers visited the block of flats to carry out a routine fire risk assessment check. This proactive approach is regularly undertaken by Rangers to ensure the safety of Havebury tenants and to highlight the importance of keeping communal areas clear in the event of an emergency situation.

John Feveyear, Neighbourhood Communities Coordinator at Havebury Housing Partnership, said: “There is no doubt that the potentially life-saving fire assessment carried out by the Neighbourhood Ranger hugely reduced the impact of the fire. This action illustrated just how much hard work we put in as an organisation to ensure the safety of our residents.”

“We would like to remind all residents of the importance of ensuring that communal areas within blocks are kept clear at all times. Safety is our main priority and so we will take the appropriate action to ensure that an easy evacuation process can take place in the event of an emergency.

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