Posted on: September 2nd 2016   •    Posted in: General News

Havebury proposes plans to reshape customer service

In response to the Government's decision to reduce rents by 1% per annum over the next four years, Havebury has reviewed all expenditure across the business to ensure that it can deliver its strategic aims for the next four years, whilst accommodating the loss of income.

Customer Service

Following a review of the current customer service offering, research highlighted that the majority of customers contact Havebury by phone or via online services. Face to face visits into both the Head Office in Bury St Edmunds and the Haverhill office on the High Street are considerably lower, and the service requests arising from these visits can be addressed by different means.

Havebury want to provide tenants with better value for money and improve and invest in their current service offering. Therefore Havebury is proposing plans to close the Haverhill office and replace this with the offer of a home visit to tenants. This would be within 48 hours.

Havebury Housing

Philip Sullivan, Director of Operations at Havebury Housing Partnership said: “Following the Chancellor’s announcement, we have reviewed demand from our customer service provision across the business, and found that an average of eight tenants per day utilise face to face visits in Haverhill. The costs associated with the Haverhill office mean that we are not offering good value for money for our tenants.

We’re committed to Haverhill and can reassure our tenants living in the town and surrounding areas that our proposal will mean they can still receive the full range of services with a new offer to provide a home visit within 48 hours if we are unable to assist with their enquiry by phone or email.

We have worked closely with our customers who have helped to shape these proposed plans.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we offer all of our tenants a consistently good level of service, no matter where they live.”

Havebury has sent tenants living in Haverhill and the surrounding areas details of the proposal.  These tenants have been asked to respond with their comments within four weeks.

A final decision on whether or not to close the Haverhill office will be made by Havebury’s Operations Board in October. If this option is approved, Havebury would look to close the office in June 2017.

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