Posted on: January 27th 2017   •    Posted in: General News

Inspirational wheelchair-user cleans street paths and signs

A wheelchair-user, who suffers from a rare bone disease, is keeping active by cleaning ‘unsightly’ street signs and tidying pathways.

Michael Read, 52, a double amputee and wheelchair-user. faced long-term homelessness in the past, but has enjoyed living in his own home for the last four years.

Since moving into a permanent home in Stanton, Michael has never looked back, claiming that the move has been life-changing. He added: “I can’t be any more thankful than I am to Havebury. Being able to sleep under a roof and staying in the warm prevents my illness from deteriorating even further.”

Keeping active is also very important for Michael. Spotting an unreadable pedestrian crossing sign close to a school, Michael notified the school and decided to clean the sign himself.

Teaming up with his carer and close friend, Michael started a new voluntary campaign ‘Now You See It’. Michael has since cleaned over 250 signs across West Suffolk, including major towns such as Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Mildenhall and Needham Market.

His biggest task to date has been the clean up of one of Stantons’ busiest pathways. Over a mile and a half long, it took three full working days to complete. Michael’s work has not gone unnoticed, recently being endorsed by Suffolk Highways.

Michael said: “The doctors have told me to expect losing both of my arms by the year 2021. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, the thing that keeps me most motivated is the ‘Now You See It’ campaign. I have only just scratched the surface; there are lots of street signs out there that are in desperate need of attention.”

When asked about the future of his campaign, Michael said: “I want it to grow and grow. My next aim is to venture into Norfolk to carry out the same duties.”

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