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Posted on: August 14th 2017   •    Posted in: Charity Work, Community

Havebury holds Summer Food Drive to support local Haverhill charity

Havebury Housing Partnership holds a summer food drive. Staff donated food items and toiletries as part of a month-long summer food drive. This was to support one of its local corporate charities.

Throughout July, employees at the Bury St Edmunds-based housing association generously donated much-needed food items and toiletries in aid of Reach Community Projects.

Havebury held themed week days, including Women’s Wednesday and Thirsty Thursdays to encourage employees to donate feminine products and long life milk and fruit juice to raise awareness of the types of products that Reach desperately need.

Over 122 kg of food was collected and delivered to be distributed to families in need across the local community.

Karen Mayhew, Chief Executive at Havebury Housing Partnership, said:

“We’re delighted that we were able to support Reach Community Projects’ Summer Food Drive. It really help families in the local area. It was great to see our employees get involved, donating much-needed treats, and sun protection, items that many of us take for granted during the summer months.”. 

Henry Wilson, Project Director at REACH Community Projects, said: “We are so grateful for the help and support from the staff at Havebury. For the amazing amount of food, treats, and toiletries collected throughout July!

It can be quite slow in terms of food donations at this time of year. We know it’s going to continue being tough for many families. Especially throughout the summer holidays without school meals. This is a welcome boost to our food bank supplies!”.

Click here to see what REACH does for the community it works in.

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