Dementia Action Week
Posted on: May 19th 2019   •    Posted in: Community

Dementia Action Week 20th-26th May 2019

The 20th of May sees the start of Dementia Action Week being led by Alzheimer’s Society.

The 20th of May sees the start of Dementia Action Week being led by Alzheimer’s Society. There are many great communities and foundations in the area that work with people with Dementia.

Did you know… There are more than 42,000 people under 65 in the UK with Dementia.

The word ‘dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language.

These changes are often small to start with. However someone with dementia may have become severe enough to affect daily life.

Back in March Tony Nunn took part in a celebration of the Sporting Memories Foundations together with one of his idols Terry Butcher. Tony attended the celebratory event on Monday 4th March and he was surprised to see how well attended the event was – in excess of 60 people.

There were static displays of local sporting memorabilia as well as the history of many Suffolk clubs. The event was opened by Richard Hunt, who gave an insight into the history of the foundation in Suffolk, and he was supported by one of the council officials.

Terry Butcher then spoke about his early career and representing Ipswich and England. Tony describes how it was a fascinating talk and very comical, and was well received by all who attended.

This meeting really made Tony appreciate the impact this foundation can have on members of the public and he look forward to helping this happen in our part of the county.


Are you interested in getting involved in this fantastic foundation – Find out more here

You can also find out more about Dementia Action Week here


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