Posted on: June 18th 2019   •    Posted in: Tenants

myHavebury – Tenants invited in to test new online portal

Havebury have been busy working behind the scenes on a new online tenant portal.

myHavebury is due for launch in Summer 2019 and will give tenants the ability to make/amend payments, report repairs and schedule appointments, all at the click of a button.

This week, the organisation invited tenants to take part in some tenant testing. This is a key stage in the development process to ensure the tenants are happy with the new online offer and by the sounds of it, they were!

“It’s really friendly, I feel like I’ve got more control of my account”

“It’s much more straightforward than the way we do things online now, I like it!”

“When can we sign up?”

“It’s really straightforward and easy to use”

“The language makes sense, it doesn’t have loads of big words that I don’t understand”

If you are a Havebury tenant and would like to be kept in the loop regarding the progress of myHavebury or would like to get involved in our Beta Release sign up, please click the link below.

You can still find out how to make a payment here

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