Shopmobility in Haverhill
Posted on: October 22nd 2019   •    Posted in: Tenants

Increase your shopmobility around Haverhill

Shopmobility in Haverhill offer Loans of electric scooters, powered and manual wheelchairs. The aim it so help people who may have difficulty walking around the town and shops. For example, you can hire a manual or electric wheelchair or scooter. Please note, you do not have to register as disabled to use the scheme.

You can book in advance by calling St Nicolas Hospice Haverhill Hub on 01440 848260. Or you can see what is available on the day.  You will need to bring a form of identification with you so you can register. This service is free of charge.

Monday to Friday 10am to 3.30pm.

Shopmobility is not available on bank holidays or Christmas Eve. Find out more here

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