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Posted on: October 23rd 2019   •    Posted in: General News

Don’t be a ghoul with waste this Halloween

With a freakishly high amount of waste generated around the local area each Halloween. Havebury are encouraging our residents to make the most of reducing, reusing and recycling this season.

This October, homes across the local area will buy their pumpkins ready to carve. Many set to end up in the depth of the black bins. A shockingly low percentage will find their way into the compost or food waste bin – but why?

Did you know:

  • All kinds of pumpkin are edible
  • Across the UK over 18,000 pumpkin go to waste each year
  • You can use the innards of a pumpkin to make soups, biscuits or even fondue
  • You can roast the seeds eat them too

Fancy dress is also another frightening source of waste. Why not recycle this Halloween? Pick up a costume from your local charity shop. Or arrange a costume swap shop so your little witches and zombies can swap and change their costumes.

Got a sweet deal on your tick or treating loot? Why not make sure the wrappers are recyclable. For instance aluminium foil is recyclable. So check those wrappers ahead of the arrival of any trick or treaters.

Find out more about what can go in what bin

On the other hand why not take a look at a local recycling centre.

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