New Bin Day
Posted on: November 11th 2019   •    Posted in: General News, Tenants

Bin day changes for West Suffolk residents!

Your bin day collection day could be changing as of today!

West Suffolk Council announced the changes a few weeks ago. As of today (11th of November) the changes are now live. You can visit the council’s website to see when your new bin day is.

Benefit of making these changes

By re-routing the current collection rounds and introducing some new ones, we are:

  • Making the collection routes more efficient, and
  • Organising routes to manage recent and future housing growth.

How the changes will affect residents

Changes to collection days will start the week commencing 11 November. The following changes are being made:

  • Some residents will have the same collection day. However their bin collection will be at a different time. Please put your bin out by 6.30am.
  • Some residents will have a completely new collection day.
  • The schedule your bin is collected on may also change
  • For garden waste service subscribers, your brown bin collection day is not changing. This can mean that your brown bin collection day could be a different day to your black/blue bin collection day.

Blue and black bin collection cycle

West Suffolk Council, will continue to offer an alternate weekly collection of rubbish and recycling for blue and black bins.

Disrupted blue/black bin collection cycle

If the change means that you put your blue bin out for two consecutive weeks. For the first week of the new cycle please also put your black bin out. It will be collected at some point during that week.

OR if the change means that you put your black bin out for two consecutive weeks. There will not be an extra blue bin collection.

Feel you cannot manage your blue bin waste until the next collection? WSC can provide recycling bags to be out with your next blue bin collection.

WSC will collect a maximum of two bags in addition to the contents of your blue bin. They will not collect extra recycling in bags that are not council issued. Use this online form: request blue recycling bags.

Garden waste collection

No changes are being made to garden waste collections, your collection day will stay the same. For example if your black and blue bin collections have changed from a Monday to Tuesday, your garden waste bin will continue to be collected on a Monday.

Emptying your bins

Please bear with WSC during this period of transition. As this is the start of a new collection cycle, some residents may have to wait longer than the normal 14 days for their recycling or rubbish collection. Is it anticipate this will affect a minimal number of households.

If your bin hasn’t been emptied please follow the advice on our My bin hasn’t been emptied page.

Any questions?

Please contact us – email or phone 01284 757320

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