Christmas - Tree Tips
Posted on: December 1st 2019   •    Posted in: General News

5 Top Christmas Tree tips: For a safe and happy Christmas!

Christmas tips from Havebury as It's the first of December. Many people will now, be looking forward to Christmas.

The best bit of Christmas for many of our tenants is the decoration. So much to organise.

Tinsel, lights, candles and of course the Christmas tree!

What is your go to Christmas tree? Real or fake?

Christmas Tips

Our first tip of this article is to weigh up the pros and cons of a real tree. A frightening thought is real Christmas trees have the ability to burn!

Did you know a cut Christmas tree is flammable?

How flammable? Check out this video, from the NIST:

Here are our other top tips;

  1. Use fake, flame resistant trees where possible (BS EN 1021-1:2006 and BS EN 1021-2:2006)
  2. If you decide on a real tree, make sure your tree is in soil. Keep it watered to reduce the risk of a fire.
  3. Throw out your old fashioned incandescent bulb lights. LED lights are more fuel efficient, they are cooler to the touch, drying out the tree less. They are much less likely to spark and start a fire.
  4. Never leave the lights on when you go to bed.

Other fire risks over the Christmas period include


Never leave a candle lit if you are not in the room. Keep any candle away from your tree, curtains, papers, children and pets. IMPORTANT – never light a candle on a shelf under a wall mounted TV.

Christmas Puddings

Have a jug of water close at hand if you are going to light your pudding, it’s easy to be too generous with the spirits. Also, clear away the paper hats and bits of cracker before you light the pud.

Wrapping paper

It gets everywhere on Christmas morning. Keep it clear of the fire place and bag it up, before the children, or the cats, can throw it around.

Fire Alarms

Make sure you check your alarms. Ensure they have new batteries before the holidays, and never take the batteries out.

Contents Insurance

What’s worse than a burst pipe, or a burglary, or a fire destroying everything you own at Christmas? Having no contents insurance when it happens. Did you know Thistle Insurance Services Limited offer home contents insurance to Havebury residents at very affordable premiums?

Home contents insurance is not just for Christmas. Find out more here. Have a merry, safe, insured Christmas everyone.

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