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Posted on: December 16th 2019   •    Posted in: General News

11 Top Tips for heating your home this Winter

Monarch partnership have helped us to help you. With these 11 top tips for heating your home.

We want to ensure that you are able to heat your home within your financial capabilities. And we know that sometimes, that is not achievable. Here we discuss tips that you can use to help keep you and your home warm.

Top Tips
  1. You might be eligible for a grant from ECO (Energy Company Obligation Scheme). Which could qualify your home for a new boiler, cavity insulation or roof insulation. You may get these if you receive certain benefits. OR live in a property with an Energy Performance Certificate or E,F or G.
  2. Please make sure you check if you are eligible for a winter fuel payment or a warm home discount. Visit www.gov.uk/the-warm-home-discount-scheme. We have more ways to help you here.
  3. Try adding another layer. This can often prevent from needing to turn the heating on.
  4. Close your curtains before dusk to keep heat. Do not open windows whilst the heating is on.
  5. Does your roof and walls have insulation? Ask us and we can check for you.
  6. Can you see your radiator/heating appliance? If you can’t it’s likely that you aren’t getting the benefit of the heat.
  7. How high is your thermostat? Turn it down by 1 degree C. This could save money. Every 1 degree C above 19 costs around 10% extra.
  8. Are your radiators cold at the top and warmer at the bottom? Try “bleeding” them to ensure the hot water is flowing.
  9. How much hot water are you using? You pay to heat your water! When washing clothes try doing them on a 30 cycle. PLUS save up to £25 by using a washing up bowl in the sink for all those dirty dishes.
  10. How often do you use your heating? Don’t have the heating on when you are not there. Make use of the timer on the thermostat.
  11. Can you see any cracks between doors and windows? Try and get some draft excluders and black out curtains to prevent heat loss. OR roll up towels below door cracks to seal and reduce heat loss.

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