£150 grant
Posted on: May 27th 2020   •    Posted in: General News

£150 grant off your council tax bill… Are you entitled?

Local Authorities will shortly begin to automatically issue a £150 grant to tenants. As part of their response to Covid-19.

The Government have issued Local Authorities with a Council Tax Hardship Fund. This is to reduce the Council Tax bill of liable working-age people.

To qualify you will already receive means-tested Council Tax Reduction for 20-21. You shouldn’t need to contact them (the grant will match your 20-21 liability if it is under £150).

Check your claim

We are encouraging our tenants to check that their Universal Credit claim is linked to ongoing calculations for Council Tax Reduction. Even a short period or small amount of Council Tax Support will trigger the £150 grant.

Existing Housing Benefit (HB) claimants should always keep authorities notified of any changes. Making sure they lead to a recalculation of Council Tax Reduction or reclaim it if necessary.

You should consider claiming even if you have previously calculated a small entitlement. You may find this additional grant may be available to you.

However, not all Universal Credit or Housing Benefit claimants will qualify for reduction. In simple terms the lower the UC or HB the less likely you will qualify. However exceptions do exist.

What to do now?

To estimate potential Council Tax Reduction entitlement visit entitledto.co.uk

Contact your Local Authority if you feel your UC or Housing Benefit claim is not linked to a Council Tax Reduction assessment. Or claim online through their website.

For further benefits advice contact our Havebury team on 0300 3300 900 options 2,2,3

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