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Posted on: November 9th 2020   •    Posted in: Tenants

Rent: Avoid Arrears This Christmas

Buying Christmas presents, sending cards, adding new decorations to the tree, there’s no doubt about it, Christmas is an expensive time for most of us. But there’s a good reason to put paying the rent at the top of your Christmas to-do list.

Paying the rent over the Christmas period can sometimes be a problem for tenants. Some tenants feel that the Christmas period shifts their priorities to presents and get-togethers.

Putting a plan in place to prevent rental arrears will help to ease some of the financial stress associated with the Christmas and New Year period.

5 easy money tips to help you relax this Christmas

  1. Get Ahead. Where possible, try to pay an additional week’s rent early in December so you’re not caught out as Christmas draws closer. The festive season carries us away at the best of times, but if you’ve paid an extra week of rent in advance, it removes the burden of extra financial pressure.
  2. Pay extra. Could paying an additional week’s rent in advance be a struggle? Continue paying your rent as normal, but consider adding a little extra each week in the lead up to Christmas. That way, you’ll be up to date, or even a little ahead when the festive season rolls around.
  3. Communication is key. It’s important to stay in touch with us if you feel you might be under some financial pressure towards the end of the year. Are you already worried about being able to pay your rent? Please call our helpful Income Team on 0300 33 00 900 Option 2,2 and 3.
  4. Relationships. It’s a good idea to always maintain a positive relationship with us here at Havebury. If you feel you can speak to us about a change in your situation, we can work to address the issue quickly and together.
  5. Being a good tenant. It’s good to think about the importance of maintaining a positive tenancy. A positive tenancy will put you in good stead when you apply for future properties.

Extra Guidance

If we do send you a reminder about rent in November or December, we are not trying to be unreasonable. It’s simply a way of avoiding problems and a good reminder to manage your finances ahead of time to reduce extra pressure when you need it least.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations – you’ve earned it, especially after the year we have had. Don’t stop buying presents or hosting your family at Christmas (If we are allowed). Just budget ahead for your rent payments in December and remember the best present for you and your family is to pay your rent and keep your home.

Get help with your rent account from Havebury

Looking for further advice on debt – click here for more information from

Our friendly Welfare, Benefits and Employment team are on hand to guide you through difficult periods, including assistance with the Tenants’ Hardship Fund and Discretionary Housing Payments. Please contact us at to find out how we can help or call 0300 3300 900 option 2,2,3.

You can also download a helpful budget spreadsheet here.


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