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Posted on: November 12th 2020   •    Posted in: General News

Fencing at your property

Got questions about fencing at your Havebury property? Look no further...

The weather conditions can mean trouble for any fencing you have at your Havebury property.

It’s darker in the mornings, the wind is picking up and the temperature has definitely dropped.

Every year we get a lot of questions with regards to fencing and we are hoping this article will help clarify our responsibilities as a landlord.

My fence needs replacing, how long would this take?

Due to the high demand for new fencing at households, the average waiting time is approximately 12 months. Although this can vary depending on circumstances.

My fencing is dangerous and 12 months is too long to wait. What can I do?

It’s your responsibility for the wellbeing of adults, children and pets in the garden. Havebury would not be liable for any injury caused by fencing issues. If you consider the fence to be ‘dangerous’, please report it. One of our technicians will inspect the fence within the first four weeks. They will assess if we can make any temporary repairs. We will also offer to remove the fence – but we still may not replace the fence within 12 months.

What will my new fencing look like?

Regardless of what your previous fence used to be or who installed it, Havebury does not replace fences on a like for like basis. We will install 6ft timber fencing to public boundaries only, or a 3ft chain link with a 6ft privacy panel to dividing boundaries. Havebury no longer offers the facility to pay to upgrade the fencing.

What happens if there is a dividing boundary?

If you share a dividing boundary, Havebury cannot enforce a homeowner to contribute. Is the fence is jointly owned by Havebury and your neighbour? No repair or replacement can take place without consent from both parties. If the repair/replacement of the fence happens due to deliberate damage, we will expect the relative party to pay for the works via a recharge.

Is the policy the same for everyone?

Yes – Our new and updated fencing policy applies to all tenants. Irrelevant of age, gender, marital status, religion or income.

Am I able to carry out fencing works myself?

Yes – Although you will need to apply for permission from us before starting any works.

Got a question?

Please contact the team at homeimprovements@havebury.com

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