2021-22 service charge statements

2021-22 service charge statements

2021-22 service charge statements

This booklet explains your statement in more detail.

We have also put together some useful FAQs in case you have any further questions.

  • I cannot afford to pay the deficit amount due.

    If you are struggling to make payments, we have a dedicated Income team with specialist welfare and benefits advisors who can help you by:

    • finding the most convenient method of payment
    • offering advice if you are finding payment difficult
    • helping you maximise your income

    They can be reached by calling 0300 3300 900, selecting options 2 and 1 or by emailing myaccount@havebury.com.

  • I am a new tenant, what am I expected to pay?

    As a new tenant, you will only have paid the service charges from the date your tenancy began, and your statement has been adjusted to reflect this. The amount on page one of the statement shows the actual amount you will have been charged/is due for the period of your tenancy that year. The second page shows the full annual cost relating to your property.

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