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Posted on: August 3rd 2021   •    Posted in: Community, General News

Apprenticeship Opportunity – The People Team

We are proud to announce an apprenticeship opportunity within our people function here at Havebury.

Apprenticeship schemes are a useful tool for bringing new skills and talent into an organisation. Apprenticeships develop an individual, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills / gain a qualification. In addition, it also allows them to work and get hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Furthermore, the People Profession has gone through a lot of change over the last 18-24 months. We like to see ourselves as a team that embraces and champions that, and we can provide a fantastic experience for somebody joining the profession.

What are we hoping to achieve through this apprenticeship opportunity

We are hoping to give somebody an opportunity to begin their career in the People Profession. The candidate will provide essential support to us as a team as we drive forward projects and initiatives over the next 24 months.

Working with West Suffolk College

West Suffolk College are a local college to us here in Suffolk. We chose to work with WSC as we know it is important to build strong local links, and WSC offer a fantastic Apprentice service. This means we can reach a diverse range of people in our community who may be looking to get into this line of work.

What we see the future of our apprenticeships looking like

We would love to expand our apprenticeship scheme across the organisation. Apprenticeships can be used right across business functions and we see some real opportunities to bring new and developing talent into all of the areas of Havebury. We would love to see regular cohorts of apprentices across the business, supporting each other as they learn new skills and build new careers.

What the People Team say about the apprenticeship opportunity

“We are incredibly excited about the prospect of bringing an apprentice into our team. We have a great set of skills, knowledge and experience within our team, and work closely together. It will be great to support somebody on their initial steps into the career within the People Profession. We’re sure that we’ll learn a great deal from the individual in turn. We very much look forward to welcoming the successful candidate to the team”.

Think you or someone you know is perfect for this role? Click here to apply.

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