Mr and Mrs Elliott
Posted on: December 12th 2021   •    Posted in: General News

Social housing success for Mr and Mrs Elliott

Social housing success for Mr and Mrs Elliott

Our external communications advisor, Lauren Eden, has been to visit Mr and Mrs Elliott in Cavendish after Mr Elliott answered our call
for stories about our tenants.

Here we find out more about this couple, how they came to live in one of our homes and how much it means to them.

Mr and Mrs Elliott

Originally from the north of England, the Elliotts relocated to Clare in Suffolk in 1986 for Mr Elliott’s job. By early 2000, both Mr and Mrs Elliott worked at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, so they moved to Swavesey, leaving their grown-up son and daughter back in Clare.
Both Mr and Mrs Elliott come from a background in retail where they both worked for over 20 years. They both speak with passion about their working lives, expressing how much they both enjoyed their jobs. Unfortunately, both Mr and Mrs Elliot were diagnosed with cancer and so made the decision that they wanted to relocate to Suffolk to be nearer to their family.

Mr and Mrs Elliott followed the usual channels when they applied for a Havebury property, using Home-Link to bid on suitable homes. The couple were thrilled when they moved into their lovely bungalow.

Living in a Havebury property

They have now been living in their home for 10 years along with Charlie, their West Highland terrier. With Mrs Elliott’s keen eye for gardening, the front of the property looks so well taken care of. And with a water feature trickling away in the back garden, it really is an idyllic place to for this couple to be.

When discussing the area they both agreed: “This is such a lovely village. We get on well with our neighbours and we are so happy here. “The home is perfect for what we need and it’s great being so close to our children and grandchildren.”

Mr Elliott spoke about small alterations they had done to the property. He said: “We wanted to fit a shed in our driveway for my wife’s mobility scooter. “We went through all the usual permissions, and Havebury said it was no problem at all. They even sent someone to take a photo afterwards.”

Mr Elliott also went through the permissions process for a gate to be fitted in the garden to allow them access to maintain some land, plus a gorgeous greenhouse for Mrs Elliott to do her much-loved gardening.

Why is social housing such a success for Mr and Mrs Elliott?

Mr Elliott added that he and his wife are extremely happy and grateful to have rented a bungalow from Havebury for the last decade. “Our home, neighbours and landscaped areas all contribute to a good quality of life,” he said. “Any repairs or replacement requests have been sympathetically listened to and acted upon in a more than adequate timescale. Havebury has proved to be a caring and reliable landlord.

“Although we have a good-sized rear garden, the front was laid only to asphalt, but that didn’t stop us bringing colour to this area. The photo shows what can be done to transform an area. I have had many compliments from residents who walk this way. “We have a much better standard of living than many other private renters and homeowners around the village. We treat our home as if we owned it. Social housing for us is a big success.”

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