Improvements, repairs and alterations
Posted on: December 18th 2021   •    Posted in: General News

Improvements, repairs and alterations

Improvements, repairs and alterations

Our property alterations and improvements policy provides guidance on how to apply for permission to carry out your own repairs, alterations and improvements to your home. We pride ourselves on ensuring that this approach is efficient, fair and consistent. It is important that you get permission from us before you make any alterations or improvements to your home.

Without prior permission, you could be in breach of the terms and conditions of your tenancy. This could result in a charge to restore your home back to its original condition.

An alteration is where you:

  • Alter, remove or replace any of the existing fabric of the building, its grounds, gardens or boundaries
  • Replace a Havebury fixture or fitting with one of your own which is of similar quality or standard as the original; for example kitchen units or internal doors
  • Permanently remove an existing fixture or fitting

An improvement is where you:

  • Replace an existing fixture or fitting with one of your own which is clearly of a higher standard or quality
  • Install an item where there is none at present; for example, a new level access shower

You must contact us before putting up a satellite dish because, in some situations, planning permission may be needed. In other areas, satellite dishes are not allowed at all. We will not withhold permission unreasonably.

There have been a few instances recently where tenants have painted their kitchen cupboard doors and drawers. We kindly ask that you do not do this. If you do, we may have to recharge you for the cost of replacement.

Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to action any alterations or permissions applications we have received. However, we understand that many of you have been waiting a little longer than normal for an answer and we thank you for your patience. We are reviewing our application process which will be live in the coming months for new applications.

Check our website and social media pages for updates.

If you want to find out more about what you would need permission for please check the policy on our website here.

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