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Posted on: March 30th 2022   •    Posted in: General News

We really are a great place to work!

We have officially been certified by Great Place to Work UK™

At the beginning of March, we launched our new staff satisfaction survey working with Great Place to Work UK™ 

We had 87% of our staff members respond to the survey which accounts for 208 individuals. Of this 87%, 82% responded positively to the statement that we are “a great place to work”.

Our assistant director of people and organisational development, Matt Price says: “We are so pleased to be certified as a great place to work. It means that much more to us because it has come from the opinions and views of our people. Having such a high response rate to our employee satisfaction survey really shows that our colleagues care about Havebury and their fellow colleagues, which in turn demonstrates our fantastic culture”.

If you’re wanting to find out more about the people who work for us you can view some of their profiles on our website.

Interested in finding out more? You can sign up for job alerts here or browse our latest vacancies here.

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