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Posted on: June 6th 2022   •    Posted in: General News

Your feedback makes a difference

We hope you have already heard of The Place, but if not, here’s some information about the tenant engagement page of our website.

It’s important that you can shape the services you receive from us. By using The Place, you can take part in surveys, share your views, and see how your feedback has impacted the services we provide to you.

Between March 2021 and March 2022, we sent out 12 different surveys or consultations. That equates to roughly one a month.

Over the past 12 months we have sent out surveys about:

  • Havebury News feedback
  • Our website
  • Our social media platforms

We have consulted with you on the following:

  • Social Media
  • Pets
  • Decant
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Aids and Adaptations

You have also influenced how we deliver:

  • Our future support fund
  • Performance data
  • Our services
  • Complaints
  • Asset management

For bigger consultations we wanted to ensure we were being representative of our community, so we sent out paper surveys as well as emails.

You said, we did

Within The Place we have a, ‘you said, we did’ section, which sets out how your feedback has helped us to update policies, create strategies and more. We will do this after each consultation piece we do, so you can see directly how your feedback has helped shape things.

In March 2022, we consulted on our new pet policy, and we had an incredible response, with 624 of you getting involved to have your say.

Our assistant director of customer services, Amy St Ledger, tells us more about the impact your feedback will have. “We were delighted with the feedback we received on our new pet policy. We only asked questions where you could influence the outcome.

“Based on what you said, our new policy does not require everyone to request permission to keep a pet (providing they meet the requirements that you told us to include – such as a maximum number of animals, where you live and that you are a responsible pet owner).
“We also focus much more on positive pet ownership and commit to working with partners to help our tenants do this.”

As you may already be aware, at the beginning of April we asked for your views to help us build our future support strategy.

This feedback is currently being assessed and when the results are in and have been reviewed, we will add them to The Place, social media and they will feature in the Winter 2022 version of Havebury News.

What have we got coming up that you can give your feedback on?

Over the next few months, you will see regular consultations that we’d love your feedback on. Keep your eyes peeled for when they go live on The Place and our social media channels.

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