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Posted on: June 20th 2022   •    Posted in: General News

How can you get involved at Havebury?

You may remember, last year, we asked you how you wanted to engage with us, how frequently and how much time you had.

We have created a menu of options for you to do this which includes:

  • Joining a formal group where you give us regular feedback
  • Taking part in online surveys via The Place
  • Leaving comments on our social media pages
  • Taking part in broader surveys that we might write or telephone you about
  • Giving us feedback about our services through complaints and compliments
  • Telling us how satisfied you are with our services by taking part in our satisfaction survey when we contact you (we do this throughout the year, at random).

We will continue to add and evolve the menu of engagement that will reflect our strategy. You can read this here. This year we are starting to do an ‘impact assessment’ on everything we do in our engagement team. We will consider things like what social impact the project or group had, whether it was good value for money and what difference it has made to our services.

We’ll ask tenants and our teams to score the project or group out of ten, so that it’s a balanced view. We’ll share all of these with you at the end of the year so that you can see what impact our activities have had.

We’re looking to recruit more of you to become involved. Either on a formal basis through one of our committees, on our Board, or informally through The Place or via our other tenant groups and panels. We would appreciate your feedback even if you only have a little spare time to give.

If you’d like to pre-register interest in joining our Board or one of our committees, or want to find out more, contact

Tenant Experience Committee

We’re in the exciting process of creating a new Tenant Experience Committee, which will operate at the heart of Havebury, reporting directly to our Board.

The Committee will ensure that we’re all hearing your voice loud and clear and that you are able to influence all our tenant facing policies and services.

It will gather feedback from a wide range of tenants through surveys, panels, groups and all other interactions you might have with us. The Committee will be made up of ten people, tenants and non-tenants but with tenants in the majority.

We are now actively seeking a Vice-Chair of the committee who must be a tenant. Not only does the Vice Chair have an important role to play on the committee but they also would have a seat on the main Board.

In terms of time commitment it would require you to attend four committee meetings a year, four board meetings a year and two strategy days. Our meetings currently run between 5pm and 7pm usually on a Tuesday. You would need to ensure you could read the papers beforehand and take part in occasional other activities.

This role is paid and you would receive £5,000 per year for your time.

If you are in receipt of benefits this should not be a barrier, but you would need to seek independent advice as to whether this role would affect these.

Although preferable, no previous experience of being on a board or committee is required, and we will very happily provide training, support and mentorship.

For more information, call 0300 3300 900 and ask for Lucy Adams, resident engagement officer.

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