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Posted on: November 29th 2022   •    Posted in: Havebury Newsletter, Home Ownership

Shared ownership success for Jan and Valentina.

In March 2022, Jan, Valentina and their son, Giovanni, moved into their new home in Chettisham, Ely.

They bought their home through the shared ownership scheme. This means they’ve bought an initial share of the home, then pay rent on the share they don’t own.

They previously lived in a one-bedroom flat with a small garden in Cambridge. When Giovanni was born, they were encouraged to think about purchasing their own home.

Jan did a lot of research into shared ownership before applying. He had a few colleagues who had purchased a home through the scheme, which helped them decide to go ahead.

They signed up on the Help to Buy website and started looking for their new home.

“We decided to look around Ely, as we really liked the area. Then when we saw a house available in Orchid Fields, we decided to go for it. The plan was to start looking to buy this year, but we didn’t want to miss out”.

Jan says that Havebury were supportive throughout the buying process, although he didn’t appreciate how much paperwork they would have to go through.

They have now lived in the property for seven months and are getting to know their new neighbours.

“Ely is beautiful and a great place to raise children. We have a nice neighbourhood, and we say hello to everyone.”

Looking into the future, Jan explains.

“We are hoping to buy more shares in the home. But for now, we will take each year as it comes and enjoy the beautiful home we have.”

If you are interested in finding out more about shared ownership, you can visit our website page, you can email homeownership@havebury.com, or call the team on 01284 722199.

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