Posted on: December 1st 2022   •    Posted in: Community, General News, Tenants

Our new EDI Strategy

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) has never been more important. Recent events have highlighted the varied inequalities in our society, with the housing sector playing a pivotal role in addressing these.

We’re committed to being a good landlord and building new homes, with our services being easy to access. We know that recruiting a diverse workforce enriches our collective experience and what we can do, as a whole.

We want to ensure we have a working environment where people feel supported, can thrive and know they make a difference – individually and collectively.

We want to be innovative in EDI. We will have a workforce that reflects the communities we serve, with diversity of thought on problem-solving and decision-making.

We want to build truly sustainable communities. We know we can’t do this alone, so we’ll work with our community partners and residents.

We want EDI to be more embedded in our DNA, with greater awareness, understanding and curiosity.

Click here to view our new EDI strategy.

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