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Meet our resident, Marjorie

Marjorie has lived in one of our independent living schemes in Bury St Edmunds for seven years.

Originally from London, Marjorie relocated to Haverhill to live with her late partner, where she lived for 17 years. After he passed away, she needed to find somewhere else to live, prompting the move to her flat in Bury St Edmunds.

Marjorie’s home is very welcoming and a great expression of her personality. Even though she is very happy in her home, she tries to get out and about as much as possible.

Marjorie explained that she has some health issues, which means she can’t walk too far, but she does have a mobility scooter that gets her everywhere she needs to go.

“It’s not a bad life for my age.”

Marjorie is heavily involved in bringing community spirit to her independent living scheme. She has introduced some fantastic community initiatives to encourage other residents to use their communal areas and talk to others.

In December last year, Marjorie hosted a Christmas dinner for residents without families, ensuring their communal space was festively decorated.

“That was brilliant. We went around the table, telling each other a little about ourselves, which was really nice.”

She also organises monthly meals for those who would like to join in. She goes above and beyond to make the tables look pretty and make everyone feel welcome. She prepares everything in her flat and asks the other residents to contribute to the cost.

“I feel like I need to do this to know that people are getting out of their flats. There could be days when some of the other residents don’t speak to anyone. I want to
encourage everyone to use their communal spaces. I don’t want anyone to feel isolated.”

At Easter, residents who wanted to get involved were invited to an afternoon tea and buffet, again, all organised by Marjorie.

She has plenty of plans for the summer to encourage the community spirit, including a return of The Mead Singers to perform live.

We gave Marjorie a £100 voucher for food and decorations for the Christmas event last year and we are always happy to assist in ensuring these events can go ahead – whether that’s helping with costs, decorations, or resources. But without Marjorie being the driving force behind her events, many residents wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet and talk to each other. She goes out of her way to make sure people feel a part of the community if they want to be, and she says:

“I really feel appreciated for all the work I do; there are many other people here who offer me help when I need it, which is great.”

We wish Marjorie the best of luck for all her future events. If you have an event or community incentive in your area, please do let us know by emailing

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