Posted on: July 4th 2024   •    Posted in: Corporate, Tenants

Meet Andrew Ward

Andrew is one of our Resident Experience Committee members.

The Resident Experience Committee is a sub committee of the Board. Its purpose is to ensure the customer voice is heard and influences what we do in delivering our services.

The committee is made up of residents, as well as independent and Board members. They hold us hold us accountable for our performance, whilst also ensuring we are doing what we say we will when it comes to providing services.

Andrew grew up in Icklingham, near Bury St Edmunds, and worked on farms over a 30-year period.

Coming from an agricultural background, he usually got a home with his job. When he decided to leave his last position, it also meant leaving the home he had with his family.

Andrew and his wife used Home-link (the choice-based letting system for the area) to bid for homes, and he was on the list for around a year.

In 2015, Andrew was offered a home in Haverhill, an area they knew well, as his wife had grown up there. Andrew’s wife was delighted when they were offered the home: “We felt as though we had won the lottery.”

Andrew felt fortunate to get a home with Havebury, and when the opportunity to join the Resident Experience Committee came up, he wanted to take it with both hands.

“It was actually my wife who encouraged me to apply. It was my opportunity to give back and help improve services for fellow residents.”

Andrew understands that sharing experiences and your voice might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this was something he was keen to do.

“I have had mental health issues due to my previous job, including anxiety and depression. I have also had financial struggles and hope to be relatable to other residents and share their experiences through my own. I have been at the bottom and worked myself back up again.”

Andrew comments that, in his experience, there are few other landlords willing to invest in and involve their residents. “If you want to improve your neighbourhood for yourself and others, this is the best way forward. You’re as valid at the table as the next person, and it’s not as daunting as you think it might be”. He adds, “I would tell anyone else to apply for a role on a committee or Board when they come up. Havebury has been so supportive, and there has been no pressure.”

If being a member of our Board or our committees sounds like something you would enjoy but you aren’t sure if you have the right skills yet, our Havebury Academy has been set up to give residents the tools to be able and feel comfortable to apply for positions on Board or the committees when they become available. To find out more about any of our committees, you can email


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