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Water Butt Campaign

Water Butt Campaign

Free water butts for Havebury tenants

Havebury tenants have the opportunity to request the gifting and installment of a free water butt for their property on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

We are asking our tenants to either fill in a survey or email our repairs team using the headline WATER BUTT REQUEST if they wish to receive one.

You can also call the Havebury telephone number on 0300 3300 900 (options 2,1,1) however, afternoon called are preferred.

The benefits of a water butt include;

  • rainwater has no minerals or chemicals added which ensures it is much ‘kinder’ to plants than tap water.
  • lowering the demands on main water supplies.
  • Collecting rainwater can reduce your monthly bills during peak Summer seasons.
  • it is much more environmentally friendly and ecological.

PLEASE NOTE; Havebury will supply and fit the initial water butt whilst making sure the necessary changes to the guttering downpipe at the time of fitting. Havebury is gifting the water butt and will not fix it or replace it if it breaks. This is a one-off item as voted for by the Havebury Housing Tenants’ Forum

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