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Willow Support Services

Remain independent in your own home with the help of Willow Support Services.

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing that you or a loved one is connected to support around the clock? Would you like help to live a fulfilled, safe and independent life in your own home?

The friendly team at Willow Support Services is here to help. We have a wealth of experience and a commitment to supporting our customers to live the best lives they can. You don’t need to be a Havebury tenant to use our service; we are here to help anyone with a support need.

At Willow Support Services, we:

  • Encourage social and community involvement and a healthy lifestyle
  • Help our customers to maximise their income and minimise the risk of illness and accidents
  • Assist in organising transport, home help, aids and adaptions, and gardening and handyman services
  • Help with basic IT, mobile phones and correspondence

How to apply

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The Housing Ombudsman Service published a new Complaints Handling Code in July 2020.

All landlords were required to self-assess and publish against this code by 31 December 2020. Our assessment of this is here https://www.havebury.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Self-assessment-form-HHP.pdf

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