Tayfen House

Tayfen House

Since 1998, Tayfen House has been offering emergency and long-term accommodation for single homeless people aged between 18 and 65.

Emergency shelter comes in the form of two dormitory rooms where six people can be housed for up to 21 days. Meanwhile, there are 19 en-suite bedrooms for longer-term residents. They can stay for 18 months until they get back on their feet.

In addition, Tayfen House also manages 32 units of supported accommodation in the community.

As a resource centre, Tayfen House also offers training and employment opportunities for residents. The focus is to prepare them for resettlement in the community and to give them life skills to break the no home/no job cycle.

James’ story

During winter 2019, life seemed bleak indeed for James (not his real name). He was living in his car following a relationship breakdown and was out of work as a forklift driver. Understandably, his longstanding anxiety and depression had resurfaced, and he had tried to take his own life more than once.

Fast forward to summer 2020 and things had improved immeasurably for the 36-year-old, thanks to the shelter and support of Tayfen House. He explained: “I found this place in November through the council after I’d been living in my car for six months. Moving here was tough at first because my depression was quite bad.

“I’m a very tense and pensive person, and I didn’t really know what Tayfen was or who would be here. But once I got in I realised it was really good; everything you need is here and I’ve made some friends.”

James added that the one-on-one support he has received has been invaluable. He said: “The staff have all been brilliant, especially my support worker Emma. She’s given me lots of help around my wellbeing and checks in on me once a week to make sure I’m all right.”

When he is ready, the next step for James will be to relocate to one of Tayfen’s properties in the community. He will share his new home with other residents as the next step to independence. Ultimately, he hopes to secure his own property, and return to work. He said: “Tayfen House has changed my life. I don’t think I would be here without it.”

“Staff at Tayfen take care of you. They take an interest in your life and help you regain your independence. During my time here, they have acted as my safety net. If it wasn’t for them, I would still be on the streets.”
Graham Hayhurst, former military servant 

What happens at Tayfen House?

Each resident completes a personal development plan, identifying their own specific needs. Follow-on services include:

  • induction training
  • action planning
  • independent living skills
  • self-confidence building
  • vocational training
  • advice and counselling
  • opportunities for volunteering and work experience
  • support from local businesses and voluntary agencies

To find out more about Tayfen House, call 01284 725487 Please note, all calls are recorded for training, quality, and security purposes

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