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Homeless Accommodation : Tayfen House

Homeless Accommodation : Tayfen House

Tayfen House in Bury St Edmunds provides accommodation for 18 single homeless people, with appropriate levels of support.

As a resource centre, Tayfen House, aims to maximise access to training and future employment opportunities for residents.

The main focus is preparing them for resettlement and providing life skills training to break the no home/no job cycle.

Each resident completes a personal development plan, identifying their needs and the assistance required. Services include:

  • assessment of needs
  • induction training
  • action planning
  • independent living skills
  • self confidence building
  • vocational training
  • advice and counselling
  • opportunities for volunteering and work experience
  • support from local businesses and voluntary agencies are vital to the success of Tayfen House

“Staff at Tayfen take care of you and they take an interest in your life and help you regain your independence. During my time here they have acted as my safety net and if it wasn’t for them, I would still be on the streets.” – Graham Hayhurst, Former Military Servant 

To find out more, please call 01284 725487.

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