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Electrical inspection and rewiring contract

Electrical inspection and rewiring contract

Do you want to submit a tender for our electrical inspection and rewiring contract?

This is a Restricted Procedure OJEU contract, which will be awarded on 60 per cent quality and 40 per cent price. It consists of two lots.

Electrical inspection and rewiring contract (2021-2024)

The work will comprise one or more of the following items:

  • Periodic inspection (EICR) of identified property to ascertain condition of wiring. Where improvement or upgrade works are required, a survey form is to be completed identifying required works and valued by the Contractor from the Schedule of Rates
  • Minor electrical works to specified property which may include providing one or more additional electrical fittings, associated works and testing of subsequent work
  • Complete rewiring of specified property including removal of all existing redundant electrical wiring and fittings (consumer unit, sockets, switches and light fittings).

All tender documents are provided in PDF format. If you encounter any problems completing the documents, please contact your technical team, or email us at contracts@havebury.com.

NB: 18 November 2020 was the deadline to raise queries for Stage 1. Therefore, please click the link below to view a copy of the final SQ queries and responses. We have also added an additional document in response to question 7. 

  • Click here for the final queries and responses
  • Click here to view the property types and locations

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