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Design and construction of 55 dwellings

Design and construction of 55 dwellings

Are you interested in submitting a tender for our design and construction contract?

This is a Restricted Procedure OJEU contract, which will be awarded on 70 per cent price and 30 per cent quality.

Design and construction Of 55 Dwellings, Brick Lane, Mepal, Cambridgeshire Contract (2021)

The work will comprise the design and construction of:

Affordable rent properties 

  • 1 three-bed bungalow
  • 4 one-bedroom houses
  • 14 two-bedroom houses
  • 8 three-bedroom houses
  • 2 four-bedroom houses
  • 1 five-bedroom house

Shared Ownership properties 

  • 3 two-bed bungalows
  • 4 three-bedroom bungalows
  • 2 one-bedroom houses
  • 5 two-bedroom houses
  • 8 three-bedroom houses
  • 3 four-bedroom houses

Including all associated external and adoptable works, services, parking and drainage. 

All tender documents are provided in PDF format. If you encounter any problems completing the documents, please contact your technical team. Alternatively, email us contracts@havebury.com.

NB:  Any queries will be made available and will be updated regularly on this web page. Therefore it is extremely important to check the site regularly during Stage 1.

Click here for the most recent queries & responses. 

Instructions to tenderers (please click here for more information about the tender process)


Technical documents
Air Quality Assessment
Arboricultural information
Contaminations (Phase One)
Ecology (PEA and Bat Activity)
Energy and Sustainability
Floor Risk and Drainage
Ground Conditions
Highways (Transport Statement)
S106 (Draft Head of Terms)
Utilities Report

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