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Information Event

Information Event

Proposed development of 45 affordable homes at the Land west of Station Road, Isleham, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5GH

The Lady Peyton’s Almshouse Charity and Havebury Housing Partnership are working together on a proposal to build 45 affordable homes on the Land west of Station Road, Isleham. The development will consist of a mixture of homes including 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom houses and 2 bedroom bungalows. Four of the homes will stay in the ownership of the Charity and add to their existing homes in the village whilst the remaining 41 will be available for affordable rent (this includes Shared Ownership opportunities). 

This online information process should provide all the information you need to know about the proposed site, we encourage you to read the information and leave your feedback which will form part of our planning application submission to Cambridgeshire District Council.

Here is a selection of images of the land west of Station Road, Isleham

Who is involved?

The Lady Peyton’s Almshouse Charity own the land west of Station Road, and its charitable objective is to provide homes for the people from the parish of Isleham. The Charity currently has four homes in Isleham and is using its assets to provide much needed additional housing for local people. By working with Havebury Housing Partnership, on this site, the Charity will have four new homes to let and their long held ambition can become a reality.

To find out more about the Charity, or to apply to live in one of the homes they wish to provide, please contact ladyfrancespeyton@gmail.com.

Havebury Housing Partnership is a not-for-profit independent Housing Association based in Bury St Edmunds, with homes throughout East Anglia. Havebury design and maintain high quality homes whilst reinvesting their income in their existing homes and communities and into their development programme.

This enables Havebury to build new homes and help to satisfy the need for Affordable Housing in the region. They build homes that which Nationally Designed Space Standards, meaning their properties have ample storage with well-proportioned rooms and gardens.

Their homes are well insulated to keep running costs as low as possible, and Havebury has its own team of specialist technicians to maintain these properties. Havebury offer homes for rent to individuals on the housing register and those who wish to purchase a home via Shared Ownership.

We encourage you to provide your feedback on the proposed plans.

The story so far ..

Over the past year, The Lady Peyton’s Almshouse Charity and Havebury have worked together to come up with a suitable housing plan for Station Road in Isleham. We intend to submit a joint planning application together, which provides four additional homes for the Charity to allocate. The remaining homes will be offered for rent or Shared Ownership by Havebury Housing Partnership. There will be no market sale properties available – only affordable homes.

As part of the design process we have consulted with Isleham Parish Council and the Local Planning Authority. These consultations have helped shape the design and created something unique to Isleham. We have listened to the feedback and as a result have increased the amount of green space – land which is available for all the village to enjoy. A public footpath will provide a pedestrian link from the homes to the village via Fordham Road.

We have undertaken surveys of the land and surrounding area to ensure our proposals meet or exceed planning requirements and that access to the site is in the safest location. We have ensured that the homes will have enough parking and that appropriate drainage is included in the design.

We hope that priority will be given to local people to live in these homes. A “local connection” is a condition which can be applied as part of a planning approval. It is a decision made by the Local Authority not by Havebury Housing Partnership.

We hope local people will support the scheme and register their interest with https://www.home-link.org.uk/choice

For more information on Shared Ownership and to register for an opportunity to buy a home via this way, please visit https://www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk/

Proposal (Site Layout Plan) – 45 dwellings

This is the plan we ask you to please provide your feedback on; 

Click here to view the Proposed Plan

Here is a selection of design ideas for Isleham

Click here to view an example of a typical bungalow
Click here to view an example of a typical semi-detached house

What happens next?

Thank you for the comments submitted to us on our proposals for the land off Station Road in Isleham. We use these comments to help inform the next phase of our design process before the application is submitted to planning later this year. We are already working on some refinements to the planning proposals with more tweaks to come as we get comments back from all consultees and consultants. Once the planning application is submitted to the local authority you will have another opportunity to comment. In addition to exercising your right to comment on the application, please do also get in touch with us at Havebury and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Positive comments are just as important to a planning application as negative ones so if you support the scheme and want to see a development of high-quality affordable homes for rent and home ownership in the village please show your support by commenting on the application.

Click here to see answers to frequently asked questions and comments about the scheme.

Following the receipt of your comments, we will review the responses, make changes to the proposals if appropriate and explain why any suggested changes have not been made in a separate statement of community involvement as part of the submission in the Autumn/Winter 2020.

Timings and Consultation

Following submission to East Cambridgeshire District Council, the council will have 13 weeks in which to determine the application and you will have the opportunity to make formal comments to the council in respect of the proposals at that time. A decision from the council would be expected towards the end of the year and if planning permission is granted, Havebury would expect to start on site in the Summer of 2021. The construction phase is likely to take approximately two years.

Havebury Housing Partnership and The Lady Peyton’s Almhouse Charity is working in collaboration with Chaplin Farrant, Plan Surv, Oxford Archaeology, The Design Partnership and EAS Transport Planners.





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