Further financial support

Further financial support

We understand sometimes it can be a struggle to pay your rent. We have a range of options and services to help with this, and would ask in these instances, you contact us as soon as possible.

Support Fund

We know that sometimes budgets can be a challenge and we all face financial pressures which can cause stress and concern. We have options in place to help you if you are experiencing this. Perhaps you are struggling to pay your rent and/or service charges, utility bills, or cover other day-to-day expenses.

There are several ways we can help and support you. The most important step you take is to talk to us so that we can tell you about:

  • Our Welfare and Benefits team can help you review your income and expenditure and offer you some advice on ways to maximise your income.
  • We’re members of HACT, a charity focused on the social housing sector. As part of this, we have access to their energy hardship fund for support with utility costs.
  • Our support fund – this is open to all our tenants and shared owners who are experiencing financial challenges that are impacting their ability to pay their rent to us. It is an annual fund which can be used for individual cases to provide temporary relief from genuine hardship; it is not intended as a means of long-term support and there are specific criteria that need to be met.

The administration and issuing of the above funds will be at our discretion and on a case-by-case. Please get in touch if you think we can help.

For advice about your benefits, call 0300 3300 900, selecting options 2, 2 and 3. Alternatively, email myaccount@havebury.com.

Below are links to other websites and agencies you may find useful: 

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