Electrical inspections

Electrical inspections

We take electrical safety seriously and carry out regular inspections on all our properties.

Faulty electrical systems and appliances are a common cause of fires in the home. As a result, we will visit you periodically to make sure your electrical items are safe. Our inspections test the wiring, the appliance itself and the fittings.

Any issues found are documented and rectified in priority order. Repairs could be made on the day or on a later date.

What can I do to help ensure my safety?

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using appliances such as tumble dryers, washing machines and freezers
  • Do not overload sockets
  • Replace any damaged cables and plugs

What should I do if I have an electrical problem?

Problems may include overheating sockets, fuses popping, circuit breakers tripping or the smell of burning. If you’re worried, turn off your electricity supply and contact our repairs team on 0300 3300 900 immediately.

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