Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

We work closely with other agencies to combat anti-social behaviour in our communities.

We are one of many organisations responsible for, and playing an active role in addressing anti-social behaviour.  These organisations include the police, Public Health and Housing, Social Services, Support Providers, Councillors and resident groups.  Amongst other activities, we attend monthly forums where the agencies meet to discuss cases and agree on collaborative approaches to resolving problems. We are also a member of the West Suffolk Community Safety Partnership working strategically to tackle criminal and anti-social behaviour across the region.

Reporting criminal behaviour

We are not always the lead agency in taking enforcement action, for example, the police will take the lead in investigating criminal behaviour.

If you have suspicions of criminal behaviour in the community or in a property, you can report the incident to Crime Stoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or online here

If you are a victim of crime yourself or experiencing harassment you should contact the police on 101 (non-emergencies), or 999 for emergencies.

After you have reported the matter to the Police, you can let us know about the problem so that we can liaise with the Police, by emailing or by calling the Tenancy and Estates team on 0300 3300 900 and providing the crime or incident reference number.

Please note that it may take 10 working days for one of our team to get back to you via email.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs we get asked about anti-social behaviour, just click on the relevant question to find out the answer.


  • What should I do if my neighbours are disturbing me?

    We expect our tenants to accept and tolerate different lifestyles and show respect to one another.  If you are being disturbed, a polite conversation with your neighbour is the best way to resolve problems early.  Often we find that people are unaware that they are causing difficulty for their neighbours and are willing to compromise and change their behaviour without further intervention.  This is particularly true in blocks of flats where sound travels more readily and people are unaware of how easily sound can travel.

  • What is anti-social behaviour?

    If the problem you are facing is listed below, please contact us by calling the Tenancy and Estates team on 0300 3300 900 or emailing 

    • Intimidation of neighbours and others including threatened or actual violence;
    • Persistent rowdy behaviour such as shouting, swearing and fighting;
    • Abusive behaviour aimed at causing fear to an individual or community;
    • Using or threatening to use a property for an unlawful and/or immoral purpose including drug use or dealing;
    • Vandalism and arson;
    • Loud and persistent noise not associated with the general use of a property or communal area;
    • Dogs persistently barking;
    • Environmental acts including fly tipping, dog fouling, vandalism, arson and graffiti.
  • What is not classed as anti-social behaviour?

    The behaviours below are not considered anti-social behaviour and we cannot investigate them. If you are experiencing criminal behaviour contact the Police.

    • Actions which amount to no more than customers going about their normal everyday activities, for example; one-off parties, smoking, cooking, other odours and household noise such as vacuuming, toilet flushing, normal conversation, swearing, heavy footfall, door slamming, moving furniture, children playing, ball games or any similar activity
    • Actions which amount to people not being pleasant to each other but are not sufficiently serious to justify our involvement, such as social media activity, hoax & nuisance calls, parking disputes and gossip.
    • Complaints which are not a breach of the terms of tenancy, for example, complaints of people staring, reports of poor driving etc.
    • Complaints about people being inconsiderate or thoughtless where there is no breach of tenancy, for example inconsiderate storage of dustbins.
    • Complaints about pet nuisance which is out of the tenants’ control, e.g. a dog which barks intermittently when someone comes to the door or cat fouling.
    • Complaints about other people having lifestyles that offend others, for example issues about differences in parenting, who people socialise with, how people dress, what they do in their own homes unless the behaviour is a breach of tenancy.
  • How do I report anti-social behaviour?

    There are a number of ways you can report anti-social behaviour.

    You can call our Tenancy and Estates team on 0300 900 3300

    You can email the team on 

    You can report fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles on myHavebury

    Or you can complete the online form below

    • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    • We may need to speak to your neighbour about your complaint, have you thought about how this might affect your relationship with your neighbour, and are you happy for us to do this if we need to?
    • It may be necessary to open an ASB case to keep track of actions and incidents, in order to do this we would require regular updates from you usually in the form of log sheets. Would you like these log sheets sent to your email address provided?
    • If you are submitting log sheets to this form please do so here.
      Max. file size: 32 MB.

    Please note that we collect and process your personal data when you fill in this form. For more information about your rights, click here.

  • Is there anything else I need to do once I have reported the anti-social behaviour?

    We will ask you to use diary sheets to record details of anti-social behaviour incidents. The information provided gives us a clear picture of how they are being affected and is very useful if we have to take a case to court. You can download these diary sheets here.

    You also have the option of downloading The Noise App to your mobile device for free. This app will allow you to create an accurate record of noise nuisance and how it affects you. You then have the option of reporting noise nuisance directly to us for free.

  • What happens next?

    We will open an investigation and agree a course of action with you.  We will review the case on a routine basis and contact you each time to agree the next course of action.

  • What will Havebury do to try and resolve the issues?

    Often we will be working with perpetrators of ASB, their social workers and support agencies to help them to stop causing anti-social behaviour and improve their situations.  Sometimes a combination of warnings, legal interventions and support from agencies working with the individual is necessary.  This can take time and we are unable to share details of this work with you due to confidentiality, please rest assured that we will try every avenue to encourage an improvement in the behaviour.

  • How long will it take to be resolved?

    We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour. Often tenants interpret this to mean we can and will evict tenants as soon as they breach their tenancy agreement.  This is not the case. Tenants rights are protected in law and legal interventions are reserved for the most serious and persistent cases, where other interventions have failed.

    We will close our investigations when there is no further action to take.  This could be because the problem has stopped, the situation has improved or there is insufficient evidence.  We maintain records of all investigations in case the problem starts up again.

  • Will Havebury involve the police if needed?

    We will take an incremental approach to tenancy enforcement.  We will try to resolve matters without legal enforcement where possible. Where there is sufficient and substantive evidence of anti-social behaviour, or where a serious incident has occurred, we will take a firm but proportionate approach to enforcing the terms of the tenancy.

    Between Havebury, the police and Public Health and Housing we have a wide range of tools at our disposal to tackle serious and persistent anti-social behaviour.

    We are able to obtain injunctions in the County Court which require perpetrators to stop behaving anti-socially. Where the anti-social behaviour is not improving, or where a serious breach of the tenancy has occurred we may seek to evict the tenant as a last resort.

    The police are responsible for tackling criminal behaviour, and Public Health and Housing are able to address statutory nuisances (such as loud music and other environmental nuisances). We often rely upon evidence from our partners in our own interventions against tenancies.  We will give you advice during the course of the investigation about where to direct your reports.

  • Do you deal with complaints about CCTV cameras?

    Ring doorbells and CCTV systems are now commonplace in our homes and communities, and we receive a lot of questions about their use and our role.

    It is important that you understand you must get our permission before you fit any device to your property. You can apply for permission here.

    If we grant you permission, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the CCTV system is used lawfully and any images or recordings captured are used or stored lawfully and in accordance with any law or regulations that apply. We will not take responsibility for the use of any such system.

    As well as this, it is your duty to ensure that you capture, use, and store images and videos lawfully, again, this is not something we would take responsibility for.

    If you are worried about a neighbours use of CCTV you are able to complain to the Information Commissioners Office about any concerns you have regarding your personal data, there is information online here.

    If we do receive a complaint of inappropriate CCTV use by a Havebury tenant, we will issue a letter clarifying the responsibilities in relation to personal data and privacy. There may be exceptional instances where we take further action, but this is only where there is evidence of a serious breach of the tenancy agreement. In these cases, we may revoke permission but we will not remove the CCTV equipment ourselves.

    You can find a full copy of our Improvements and Alterations policy here.

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