Use this page to find out more about fly-tipping and how you can report it.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste. It can vary in size, from as little as a single bag of rubbish to domestic items such as furniture and fridges.

What to do if you discover a fly-tip

If the offence is being committed at the time of the call, please contact the police.

Residents are advised not to touch fly-tipped waste, as it may be dangerous. The council treats this as a serious offence and will prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping waste.

If you discover fly-tipped waste:

  • Do not approach the person(s)
  • If you do approach, or cannot avoid coming into contact with the suspect, consider your own safety
  • Avoid conflict or altercation and leave the area if necessary
  • If possible, take a photo or record the incident using discretion from a safe distance
  • Please don’t ignore it, use your local council’s online form to report it or myHavebury


You can also use myHavebury to report fly-tipping in the area.

Once you are signed into the app you will see the new “tell us something” icon.

🗺 When reporting a fly-tip you will see a map, which you can use to select the location of where the fly-tip is located
❔ Next, you can tell us the nature of the fly-tip (and if you know who has caused this issue)
📸You also have the option of adding a photo to your report

Viewing fly-tipping in your area

You can view reported fly-tips by clicking the button below.

Fly-Tipping Map

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