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Neighbourhood Standard

Neighbourhood Standard

The neighbourhood standard helps tenants to understand the role they have within their own community.

Decent Neighbourhood Standard

We want to encourage all residents to take an interest in their neighbourhoods.

To help achieve this, Havebury has set out a Decent Neighbourhood Standard.

We continue to work with other agencies. These include; local councils, the police and other social landlords. Enabling us to achieve the targets laid out in this standard.

Read more about the Decent Neighbourhood Standard

The Good Neighbour Charter

We are currently providing information on improvements to Havebury properties in your area.

We are also providing information about our service standards.

This entails the way we deal with anti-social behaviour.

Everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way as long as they do not upset people living near them.

The charter’s aim is to help you understand your responsibilities as Havebury tenants. Whilst combining this with enhancing community spirit within your neighbourhood.

A good neighbour will tolerate and understand the different lifestyles of those around them. So please be considerate of others.

The charter, developed by Havebury’s Tenants’ Forum is for all tenants.

All tenants have responsibilities and can encourage community spirit by working together.

We all want to live a peaceful and pleasant lifestyle in our own surroundings.

We have put together a few guidelines to help us all do that.

Read More about the the Good Neighbour Charter


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