Grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance

idverde is the contractor we use to deliver our grounds maintenance service.

idverde are one of the UK’s leading outdoor facilities management providers, delivering grounds maintenance services to clients across the country. They maintain our communal grass areas, shrub beds and hedges, as well as ensuring our areas are clean and tidy and free of litter and moss.

idverde also have responsibility for gritting and snow clearance at our sheltered schemes, when needed.

The contract we have with them is based on our green areas and spaces and is managed to make sure it’s achieving the standards below. It’s not based on the number of visits required.

If you have any problems, please contact

  • Grassed Areas

    Before grass cutting, litter pick grass areas. Please note: no work is to be carried out if weather or soil conditions are unsuitable.

    Three Specifications of grass cutting:

    • Type one (usually enclosed communal gardens at flat blocks)

    Maximum grass height 85mm all arisings to be collected and disposed of off-site

    • Type two (open areas of amenity grass)

    Maximum grass height 85mm all arisings to be evenly spread across the area being cut

    • Type three (rough grass, usually in little-used areas of no amenity value)

    Grass shall be cut when growth reaches 150mm and reduced to 75mm with suitable equipment that gives an even, regular, finish. Arisings shall be evenly dispersed over the area.

    Once cutting has commenced in an area it is to be completed without delay and in one continuous operation. All obstacles, walls, fences and edges of grass are to be trimmed. Paths and hard surfaces to be cleared of cuttings following a grass cut.

  • Shrub Beds & Hedges
    • Litter pick all beds and hedge bases on each visit to the site.
    • All hedges should be cut ‘Line Level & True’ to a shape wider at the bottom than the top (5 Degrees max.) Bases can be sprayed to keep clear of weed growth.
    • Pruning should be completed as required to ensure an even dense cover of the plant.
    • Remove all debris from the site following cutting operations.
    • During bird nesting season all operations should be preceded by a birds nest survey.
    • Any dead, diseased or damaged material shall be removed.
    • Weeds will be controlled on each visit to the site. Edges are to be kept 30mm below the level of surrounding grass areas.
  • Site Cleansing
    • Hard surface areas – should be mainly clear and free from all weeds, including litter, leaves, debris and loose surface grit.
    • Path areas to be kept substantially free of litter and safe by control of algae, lichens, moss etc.
    • Soft landscape areas to be kept substantially free of litter, leaf & blossom fall including other debris on and within planted beds, grass verges, trees & hedges.
    • Havebury name plates, street furniture and other Havebury signage to be kept clean.
    • Graffiti and fly posting to be removed within three working days (24 hours if offensive) of notification to idverde.
    • Remove and dispose of clinical waste including sharps as part of regular maintenance and within six hours of notification to idverde.
    • Fly tips to be removed within one working day of notification to idverde.
    • Communal bin areas to be checked and any uncontained loose refuse and fly-tipped items to be removed.

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