Behind on your rent?

Behind on your rent?

Havebury has a firm but fair approach to tenants who experience difficulty paying their rent.

It is vitally important that we collect our rent, because it’s our main source of income. All of the homes and services that we provide are paid for by your rent. This is the reason we are always quick to remind you when rent is owed.

However, we do appreciate that it can be difficult for you to pay your rent on occasion. We would urge you to contact us if you are having problems, so that we can help stop you falling further into debt. You’ll find some useful information here:

Income Collection and Debt Recovery Policy
What to do if you are in arrears

Legal aid

If you’re in debt and are at risk of losing your home, you may be able to apply for legal aid through Civil Legal Advice (CLA). This will help you pay for legal advice or for representation in a court or tribunal. You can complete an online form to see if you are eligible, or call 0345 345 4345. If you can’t afford the price of the call, text ‘legalaid’ and your name to 80010 and someone will call you back within 24 hours.

You will be asked questions about your financial circumstances. This will include details of your benefits, income, savings, spending and your National Insurance number.

What happens next?

If you qualify for the Civil Legal Advice service, you will receive help from a legal adviser by phone, post or online to solve the problem you’re experiencing. If you are not eligible, CLA may be able to refer you to elsewhere for advice.

Click here for more information about legal aid and the Civil Legal Advice service.

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