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Paying your rent: how to make a payment

Paying your rent: how to make a payment

Here are the many ways you can make a rent payment.

Pay rent via myHavebury

The easiest way to check your balance and make a rent payment online is through the brand new tenant portal, myHavebury. 

All you need is your Havebury account reference number, your surname, your date of birth and a valid email address. 

Sign up to myHavebury NOW

You can also easily download the apps via your smartphone or tablet. 

myHavebury on the Apple App Store
myHavebury on the Google Play Store

Pay my rent via Direct Debit

You can pay any day over the phone on either a weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly or monthly basis. If you are the bank account holder, you can set up a Direct Debit with a member of the Income Team over the phone. If you would prefer, we can send you a Direct Debit Form to complete which will enable us to be able to take the money from your bank/building society account at the time you ask us to do so.


You can pay using our automated telephone line 24/7. All you need to do is call 0300 3300 900, select option 2, option 2, option 1 and quote your 19 digit Havebury Payment Card number and credit or debit card details.

Post Office, PayPoint and Payzone

You can pay using your existing Havebury Payment card at a choice of locations across the UK, and abroad! This includes the Post Office, PayPoint and Payzone outlets. Click the relevant outlet to find your closest location.

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