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Making alterations to your home

Making alterations to your home

You must obtain permission from Havebury prior to making any alterations/improvements to your home.

We will refuse permission if;

  • You have debt with Havebury.
  • You have not given Havebury access to carry out inspections. These include; Electrical Inspections, Gas or Oil Servicing, Asbestos & Stock Condition Surveys.

You must ensure you:

  • Get any planning permission you need.
  • Keep to all relevant building regulations.
  • You must do the work to a reasonable standard.

You must complete work under Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. Especially if the work will disturb asbestos containing materials. And where necessary, by a licensed contractor. Further information about this is available at www.hse.gov.uk. If we grant permission, you can get a copy of the asbestos survey from us. Please send an email to asbestos@havebury.com.

Click the button below to download the Application;

Alterations or Improvements Application Form

Once you have completed the form please return to repairs@havebury.com

Making alterations/improvements to your home policy



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