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Report illegal subletting to Havebury Housing

Report illegal subletting to Havebury Housing

The demand for social housing is increasing. So it's important to report any illegal subletting.

This helps us free up a property for a person or family in need of a home. Subletting is a serious issue.

It is a breach of tenancy conditions. And it is illegal and takes properties away from those who need them.

Subletting can also mean that someone may be claiming benefits they are not entitled to. This is fraud. If you are aware of any subletting taking place, you can report it by filling out the form below.

Report illegal subletting below using our online form

  • The next fields are not compulsory. If you wish to be informed about the progress of your report, please enter your details. Your details will not be used when investigating a report
  • We are collecting and processing your personal data for the purpose of report illegal Subletting. For more information about your rights, go to havebury.com/aboutmydata

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