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Help To Claim

Help To Claim

Havebury want to help you with your Universal Credit and Benefit questions

Our experienced Benefit Advisors have training in all benefits across the Welfare State. And how they interact. They can help with the difficult questions tenants face and provide advice before you claim.

Do I need to claim Universal Credit?

Would I be better off on Universal Credit?

Should I claim Universal Credit even though I haven’t had a significant change in circumstance?

Is my change of circumstance or benefit a trigger for Universal Credit?

Can I continue my Housing Benefit and Tax Credit claim?

When is the best time to claim in relation to my Pay dates or final / sick pay or reducing payslips?

Should I just convert my existing Child Tax Credits to Working Tax Credits if I start work?

Would new-style ESA or JSA based on my NI contributions record be available to me?

Do I have or am I entitled to a Severe Disability Premium in my benefits that enable me to claim Housing Benefit and other legacy benefits? (ESA, JSA, I.S, Tax Credits).

How will my benefits change when my partner or I reach pension age?

If you would like to contact a Benefits Advisor please call 0300 3300 900 options 2,2,3

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