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Pension Age

Pension Age

Since 15th May 2019 couples where only one partner is State Pension Age cannot make a new claim for Housing Benefit. Or Pension Credit in the majority of cases.

Some exemptions apply for those with a severe disability premium or those on Pension Credit moving local authority.

Couples will need to claim Universal Credit if they wish to have help with their housing costs.

Those with existing claims will continue to be protected if there is no break in claim.

From the same date, a couple where the older partner reaches their State Retirement Age may have their Housing Benefit ended,

They also might have to claim Universal Credit if they wish to continue to have support with their housing costs.

Exemptions currently apply for those with a severe disability premium. Or those where a means-tested DWP benefit continues in the younger partner’s name.

What should I do?

Each case is unique. Local Authorities will be approaching cases where they believe Housing Benefit is likely to end when the older partner reaches State Retirement age.

Tenants should ensure they claim Universal Credit before their retirement age if needed.

Havebury Benefit advisers can give advice on whether you need to claim and when.

If you claim Universal Credit in the immediate period before your retirement age, you should get two weeks extra transitional Housing Benefit. This is to make the move smoother.

Universal Credit housing costs direct to tenants. Claimants should contact the income team to make arrange to pay rent to Havebury.

You should claim Universal Credit here.

To receive benefit advice from Havebury. And to understand the correct benefit for you please call 0300 3300 900 options 2,2,3

Citizens Advice have a ‘Help To Claim’ programme. This is for those in need of help claiming Universal Credit online, setting up email addresses etc.

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